2017 New Year’s Resolution

This New Year, resolve to do more of what makes you happy. Science proves that travel is the secret to happiness. Spend more time with your loved ones and live in the moment. To help you make travel a priority in 2017, here is 7 easy to follow resolutions that will bring you the best traveling experience of your lifetime.


Resolution 1: Use your vacation days

Did you know that half of American workers are not using all their vacation days?! It is a big world out there and it would a shame not to experience it. Not to mention that vacations offer significant health benefits too.


 Resolution 2: Be more adventurous

Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous when you travel. Go ahead, try something new and different. Ever wondered what it would feel like to tour the Everglades on an airboat? 2017 is the year to make it happen!


Resolution 3: Take pictures & videos

The best memories are the ones that you remember! So don’t forget to take pictures and videos with your family and friends. Relive the special moments by creating a vacation scrapbook.


Resolution 4: Try a new cuisine

Break the habit of ordering the same kind of boring food. A new year means trying new things. Vacations are the perfect time to explore different places and restaurants. Whether it is Thai or Jamaican food, pick a travel destination that offers it all like Orlando!


Resolution 5: Make a new friend

The best part of traveling is the people you meet along the way. They say that travel makes you wiser and a better person. Introduce yourself to a fellow traveler and make a new friend for life.


Resolution 6: Visit a local spot

Experience a destination like a local and immerse yourself in their culture. Ask real locals that know their city inside out for advice on places to go. You never know what local gem you will discover.


Resolution 7: Plan a relaxation day

Is your travel itinerary full? Vacations are meant to be fun and not exhausting. Take a break and dedicate at least a day to relaxing. Lounging at the pool or a massage at the spa are great ideas for a relaxing and care-free day.



Make it happen!

Book your stay at Avanti Resort. Located in the heart of International Drive near all the Orlando attractions, start on your New Year Travel Resolutions now. Learn more about Avanti and our accommodations here.


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  1. Linda and Steve sykes
    December 29, 2016 at 11:05 pm

    I will be booking the avanti for next October. It will be our 4th stay with you in 3 years. We love it here and cannot wait to return. Xx

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